How Photobooks Can Be a Good Investment

Photo albums were a cherished member of every household once, but this monopoly was quickly threatened with the advent of photo books. Photo books trump over albums by being durable and resistant to dust, fingerprints [...]

An Open Thread on Monthly Goals

We didn’t have an Open Thread last Friday, because I had Wendy Robinson’s great post about the polar vortex that I wanted to run while it was still polar vortexing, so… let’s do an open [...]

Johnson & Johnson: An Ideal DRIP Stock

Investors that take advantage of a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) get access to direct purchases of a company’s stock, funded by the dividend payments they are receiving. This happens automatically and is seamless to the [...]

The Five Apps Every Investor Needs In 2019

When it comes to financing, we’re well and truly in a digital world, and when it comes to technology, it moves quicker than almost anything else. Investors really do need to be continually keeping with [...]

The (Emotional) Cost of Living With an Ex

The standard breakup advice goes something like this: cease and desist texting your ex, like, now. Unfollow their Instagram and purge the snuggly snapshots from your photo roll, post haste. The sooner you unsnarl the [...]


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