We’re Moving Onto A Plane!

We’ve lived in a house, then an RV, then a sailboat, and now… a plane!

Don’t get me wrong, this past year of living on a sailboat has been amazing, but we’re ready for another change – it’s time for a plane!

It may sound crazy to change our minds so quickly (it hasn’t even been a full year since we moved onto our sailboat), but part of being a blogger is that I can live and work from wherever I want. As long as I have my laptop, an internet connection, and can bring my dogs, I’m good. I can see the world from anywhere, and I’m ready to do it from a plane!

Plus, you just never know what’s going to happen in life. If you want to make a change, stop waiting around and just go for it!

You’re probably wondering how this all came about, so let me tell you what happened. When we sold our last RV, we were talking to the person who was going to deliver our RV to the next person – and he asked us what was next. He said that he knows a lot of RVers who go from RVing to living full-time on a plane. They just park their plane in a hangar when they aren’t flying. It’s pretty much like docking a boat in a marina or parking an RV in a RV lot.

We thought this was so interesting, but we honestly didn’t believe it at first.

Then, we met a few more people who told us similar stories and started getting more excited about the possibility. We met a really nice couple at the marina in St. Pete who actually lived on a plane before moving onto a sailboat. Since we’ve been in the Bahamas, we have met even more people who are living on planes.

Living on a plane has been running through our minds for a few months now and we’ve decided to go for it!

So, our sailboat Paradise is currently for sale, and we’re looking for our next home.

We’re not quite sure what kind of plane we will be buying, but it needs to be big enough to fit us and our dogs, and it would also be nice if it had enough room for when our family comes to visit. If you have any tips or advice on what kind of plane we should buy, let me know in the comments.

If you’re thinking this sounds crazy, here are the reasons for why we want to live on an airplane:

  • It would be fun.
  • We could travel even faster by plane than by boat or RV. This means we can visit even more places!
  • We’ve traveled by land and sea, now it’s time to be in the air. It’s the logical next step!
  • We learned how to sail a boat, and I’m sure it’s just as easy to learn how to fly a plane.

Just kidding.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

I’m completely kidding. We have no plans of moving onto an airplane. I wouldn’t even know the first step! And honestly, a boat is so much work that I cannot even fathom how much work it would take to live on an airplane full-time.

It does sound interesting, though!

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