Modi cabinet ने New Education Policy को मंजूरी दी. शिक्षा नीति में बड़ा बदलाव.Ministry of Education

Modi cabinet ने New Education Policy को मंजूरी दी. शिक्षा नीति में बड़ा बदलाव.Ministry of Education

The Lallantop Show. July 29, 2020
In today’s show, Saurabh Dwivedi discusses the New Education Policy 2020. Modi cabinet of Wednesday passed the draft of NEP 2020. In the cabinet-briefing government announced what changes it included in the draft. The Ministry of Human Resources and Development will be now called the ministry of Education.

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  1. Sir bahut hi muskil hai aapne jo kaha hai toh bahut par jo aaj sarkari schoolon ki baat kare toh halat bahut kharab hai agar schoolon mein teachers aur schoolon ki dasa sudhre tab hi yeh sambhaw hai|

  2. Sir, i know that lallantop team is reading comments. Hence i am here. Please make video on 'inclusion of personal finance subject in school in early stage '. So that our new generation would know how to handle money at best at early age so that it gets carved in their heart and brain. So many of people dont know how to handle their finances. They just earn daily spends daily. And we can clearly see its not working. So many people are in bad debt.There are so many videos and information about why they dont teach this at school. But nobody cares. Its necessary. Lets see if team lallantop can drive this debate forward. And so that whole nations( atleast millennials) gets involved and bring this change.

  3. शिक्षा निती हो या नौकरियों की निती इंटरव्यू समाप्त करो written exam जैसे लेना हो लो किन्तु after result कॉपी को सार्वजनिक करो ………….नहीं तो घोटाला माना जायें और जिसमे नेता और सरकारी ऑफिसर का मिला हुआ घोटाला माना जायें …………..इस निती में 50% भरस्टाचार होना तय हैं …………

  4. My son is in nursery section , when will new National education policy 2020 apply to him? Or he has to complete his education in old policy 1986?

  5. शिक्षकों की नियुक्ति में आरक्षण बिल्कुल भी नही होना चाहिए , योग्य शिक्षक ही चयनित होना चाहिए

  6. Ek sanshodhan h. 2/3rd members ko pahle ek alag party banani hogi phir us party ka merger hoga. Yahan koi alag party ni banayi gayi aur speaker ne sabka merger maan liya. Jo niyam k khilaf hai.

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